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Episode: "Sharing shower after beach"

Show aired: Feb 26, 2010 @ 4:32PM


Sharing shower after beach

SYNOPSIS: I luuuuv the beach, half naked hot guys and girls, sun and the beautiful Miami ocean, it's the best! So me and my boy Kris went out to play some ball in the sand. I enjoyed throwing the ball a little far from him and making him run back and forth like in idiot, it was so funny! After we were done playing we went up tp my place to clean up I made him wait to shower till I was done. While I was already in the shower he came in and asked if he could join cause he was in a hurry. I agreed and we started washing each other which made him hard, which in turn got me horny, so I fucked him! :) Even though my friends tell me he's gay.
Kris Commando

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