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Episode: "My New Camera"

Show aired: Jan 8, 2010 @ 4:32PM


My New Camera

SYNOPSIS: A friend of mine sold me really neat HD camera. I've never worked a camera and it didn't come with a book, so I had my friend Alex help me learn. We fuck around with the switches and buttons. We walked around my neighborhood. I flashed my titties at the pool. Then Alex asked if We could go upstairs to film something more interesting. I knew what he meant, so I went for it. I mean, either I could have got some really good footage, or I'd just spend the afternoon having really good sex. I got both. Neither know how to work a camera, so the video may seem a bit amateur, but having the camera RIGHT THERE made the whole experience a lot hotter. I held the camera, he held the camera (hope you don't mind the female POV), he ate my pussy, I gave him a blow job, I got laid, he got laid, and in the end I was able to make another adult movie to share with you guys. Hope you like it!! XOXO
Alex Gonzo

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