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Episode: "Painting"

Show aired: Mar 20, 2010 @ 4:32PM



SYNOPSIS: I think I once heard someone say "we all have a job to do". Well I guess thats case, cause I had these two guys come paint my place, and as they were doing thier job, I noticed how cute they looked in thier white painters outfits, like little bunnies, anyways I was bored so asked if I could help, they let me and even gave me a cute bunny suit to wear too. They told me I should be naked in mine, then when I found out they wern't all the way naked under theirs, I wanted to see the rest of them. Seeing their bodies under those suits got me a little hot, so I decided I wanted o job too! I serviced them both and let them my paint my body! Bet they weren't expecting that!

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