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Episode: "Massage"

Show aired: Dec 4, 2009 @ 4:32PM



SYNOPSIS: What girl doesn't like to be pampered? Espiscially with massages! So I figured I'd capture one of my little massage parties on video and share it with you. My friend Maria, Kasey and her boyfriend Levi came over and we started with Maria. Teasing her was awesome, I loved feeling her body react to our touches (even though she was trying to hide it) like the little slut I know she is. After this went on for awhile I was ready to turn Kasey out, and the fact that her boyfriend was watching turned me on even more. Once we really started getting into it, I let levi join in. The added male chemistry fueled our fire, so I had to step back and cool off. Leaving just the two of them. What happened next was inevitable, the two of them started going at it right on MY massage table! Well this worked me and Maria up so much we had to join in the fun. My favorite part was watching Kasey and maria sucking his dick at the same time while I fingered them both from behind. Watching him blow all over them was super hot too. Oh god I gotta go masturbate C-ya!

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