Office sex Natalie Cruz
Hypnotherapist Natalie Cruz
3 girls 3 ways Natalie Cruz
Day dream Natalie Cruz
Natalie Cruz

Episode: "Hypnotherapist"

Show aired: Apr 24, 2010 @ 4:32PM



SYNOPSIS: I never believed so much in astrology or hynosis or anything of that sort. Well that was until today. My friends recomended this guy who would supposedly ease my mind of all stress using hypnosis. Well he did use his craft and he used it very well my friends. He put me in some sort of trance and when I woke up I felt light as a cloud, but my pussy was extremely wet. I know he took advantage of me but hey why get mad? I've been stress free ever since I saw him, and you know what I made another apointment. Maybe this time he'll keep me awake, hahaha......

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