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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How old are you?

I'm 18, so I can't legally drink at the clubs yet, and they won't let me in to Tootsie Cabaret :(

Question 2: Who does videos?

I hooked up with one guy who hopes to become a huge director one day but he does not have a job right now, except part time at Red Lobster. He helps me with ideas, shoots with his professional camera and also does editing. I offer him some relief from time to time, but I guess he is into some other creepy fetish, coz he said he is not interested, I think he just enjoys doing what he does.

Question 3: Why you want to be a porn star?

Are you kidding me? 5 outta 6 of my friends would do anything if they did't have to go to work everyday haha. I only make little money with my site, but Im hoping soon somebody will notice my talents and I will give me a shot at some big movies and become a real porn start making $$$

Question 4: Where do you live, where can I meet you?

I live in Miami, but prefer to party in Ft. Lauderdale, so don't go around South Beach looking for me, cuz I won't be there. I'm 18, so I love clubbing where ever I can get in. I don't have my favorite place yet, but I'm out almost every weekend.

Question 5: Do you have a boyfriend?

I got 2 fuck buddies. One is a porn star like me, another is just a shy guy with acne and a small cock, but he is very romantic and I feel for him. It gives me the best of both worlds whenever I need it.

Question 6: Can I work with you in your videos?

Of course. Im always interested in new guys. Send me your picture and write a little about yourself to . I don't like creepy guys, but I'm always open for new experiences.

Question 7: How often do you shoot videos?

Well I shoot almost all the time. If not with my camera guy, I aways carry my iPhone, it captures moments of my life. I try to keep my site fresh and I visit and leave my footprint every day.

Question 8: Do you have FaceBook or MySpace?

I have both! Just search for Natalie Cruz, but don't bug me for passwords to my site. It'll cost at least a dinner to have me, I don't hang out with loosers.

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